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the fairest of lies the sweetest of sins

the only lie i tell is the one i live in

11 March
- My name is Katie.
- I'm 22.
- I live in Kansas City, MO.
- But I want to move to Lincoln, NE.
- I work at a clothing store. I love it there like whoa! And no, I can't get you a discount. If i like you enough, you might get a sweet birthday or christmas present though!
- My hair is cute and short and when I wear it in pigtails, I look like I should be on some kind of anime show. Because now that I have short hair, I look "more Asian."
- I love all kinds of music but listen to alternative, punk, emo and some screamo/hardcore the most.
- My fave band at the moment is Cartel.
- I used to play guitar kinda. I have an agave green Fender strat named The Meteorite and a black acoustic. They're kinda collecting dust right now. Pity.
- I love hanging out with my friends. You can find me at karaoke with The Basement Crew every wednesday.
- I used to be a web designer but got bored with it. I still have sweet photoshop skillZ though.
- I'm not a student because I'm still not ready to give up the idea that I can make something of myself without having to waste time/money on classes that might not be useful in my future.
- I like to think of myself as a creative person destined for great things once I can find my way out of the little ones that always seem to be holding me back.
- I'm sarcastic and jaded but put on a face for everyone because that's what people expect of me.
- The only lies I ever tell are to myself. And the FairestLie is the one I'm living...

Friends only as of 9/14/04. Got something to say? E-mail it. I don't add everyone (especially all the people I know offline) on this lj because I'd like to avoid drama with everyone and their mom. But I'll add anyone on my kckatie journal that is mainly used for poetry.

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